Drone thermography service


I offer solutions for professionals as well as for individuals and operate in multiple areas.

My equipment allows to perform energy balances, also called heat balances or drone thermography. Equipped with an infra-red camera, my drone is endowed with great precision and with a high-resolution photographic system.


Advantages of drone thermography

  • A good capture of incident beams*
  • Helps elevation above roofs
  • Capture images of windows and walls at very high height
  • Offer quick and safe heat balance


Inconvenients of manual thermography

  • Use of a nacelle or a crane is required to capture the incident beams at heights
  • Inappropriate system for big surface captation
  • Elevation above roofs impossible
  • Some topographies forbid manual measurement

*Incident beams = beams that are parallel to the source of heat

Thanks to drone thermography, you will be able to detect the possible defects in your equipment. A thermography allows to detect signs of wear due to ie corrosion. You may anticipate spending and repairs before they become too heavy.

A heat balance by drone may be carried out before buying a property. You may ask for a thermographic evaluation in your contract. I may give you a very precise evaluation which can be very useful during a legal expertise..