My equipment


Drone Inspire 2 Cinéma | 6K

Fiction, Cinema, Advertising

TheInspire 2, entitled “Cinema”, is the one I use in the context of filming with high demands. It is equipped with the latest DJI camera, the Zenmuse X7. This camera has a Super 35 sensor and allows us to shoot in uncompressed formats up to 6K resolution.

I also have a Follow Focus and a High Frequency video feedback to broadcast the flow of the wireless camera to multiple screens simultaneously.

Drone Inspire 1 pro black edition Cinema | 5K

Fiction, Cinema, Publicité

Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAWare professional photography platforms are the smallest and most intuitive in the world. They combine DJI’s undisputed expertise in aerial technology with the advanced imaging capabilities of the M4/3 sensor. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a Hollywood filmmaker, the Inspire 1 Pro and the Inspire 1 RAW will add a new dimension to your work.


  • Camera : Zenmuse X7, super 35 sensor of DJI
    Definition : 6K 30p, 5,2K 30p and 4K 60P
    Optics : 16, 24, 35 and 50mm
    Formats : DNG RAW / ProRes RAW (4444 xq, 422 hq …) / H264-H26


  • Camera : Zenmuse X5S, M 4/3 sensors of DJI
    Definition : 5,2K 30p & 4K 60p
    Optics : 12/2.0, 15/1.7 ASPH and 45mm/1.8
    Formats : DNG RAW / ProRes 422 hq and 444 xq / H264-H265


  • Camera : Zenmuse XT, FLIR radiometry model
    Video format : 640 × 512 30P MP4
    Frame rate : 30 Hz
    Photo formats : JPEG (8bits) and TIFF (14bits)
    Optics : 13mm
    Zoom :       x2, x4 et x8

Zenmuse X7 – DJI

Zenmuse X5S – DJI

Zenmuse XT FLIR – DJI